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Unlike many other technology consultancies, we don’t simply tell you what needs to be done.

We listen to you and work with you to get business-critical insight to manage the flow of information and digitally transform with Enterprise Content Management solutions.


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Seamless processes and more efficiencies

The eDAS system enables the authorities to have a database of document formats and signatures which are required in the process of attestation. All the documents which undergo the process will also be handled, stored and processed. With the system implemented and fully functional helps applicants avoid long travels for getting their documents attested by the concerned authorities, thereby saving them time and money. The system also ensures that up-to-date information on the documents are available. Through the connectivity provided by the Electronic Document Attestation System all the Document Issuing Authorities in the country has the capability of being connected to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, to support the process of attestation.


State of the art technology driven attestation system

A fully automated document attestation and certification system including state of the art infrastructure with high speed scanners, biometric authentication for ensuring document safety and transparency. It also includes a queue management system and an online appointment scheduling system. The solution is deployed on the Government Cloud infrastructure and connected using the Government network.


Streamline and secure processes to facilitate entire investment lifecycle web success.

Epic has created solutions to streamline and secure Investor Facilitation and Tracking, to transform the B2G interface through the entire investment lifecycle for National and state governments to all over the world.

Product is designed to help key business reform undertaken by the National or state government with the objective to provide all requisite information/clearances to investors in a hassle-free and paper-less manner. With the Product, National and State governments will be unable to provide better service delivery to investors and uplift the “Doing Business Index” rank attracting new Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) while addressing any regulatory deficiencies and building the inter-agency coordination to facilitate the investors to minimize the lead time of approval process and improve the transparency and investor awareness by interconnecting with respective Line Agency. The system, which is compatible with both desktop/ notebook and mobile devices, allows to monitor and track all activities performed by line agencies and investors in-order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the investment approval process.

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Epic Technology Group is an computer technology corporation, headquartered in Colombo , The company specializes primarily in developing and marketing Enterprise Content Management software & technology and Fintech solutions — particularly its own brands of content management and Fintech systems.

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